What if I put an access door to my garage near the garage door?

So you’ve decided to build a new garage?
That’s a great idea!

If you made a sketch of your garage yourself, be careful where you placed your access door to the garage, often 6'6" x 3'. If you are intending to install it as in the following diagram and you want a 7-foot garage door, there must be enough space over the door (at least 15 inches) to use a larger than standard track radius. It has to be that way so that your 78-inch-high access door can pass under the horizontal tracks.



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Access door in the path of the garage door
Access door in the path of the garage door

An alternate solution is to have an 8-foot garage door.

Incidentally, the headroom required for a standard lift (after the interior finish is completed) is 12 inches plus 2 inches to install an electric garage door opener. You can count on even more headroom if the floor-to-ceiling height allows it.

For instance, if the distance between the floor and the bottom of the roof trusses or the drywall panels is more than 18 inches, you can install high-lift hardware thus moving the tracks as close as possible to the ceiling. This is awfully practical if you work on cars in your garage.

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